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"Ask Yourself: Would Your Team Consider You a BOSS or a Effective Leader?

"How to Squish Creativity and Rule Your People With an Iron Fist!"

"Believe it or Not, You Might be Guilty of Doing Just That!

Dear Fellow BOSS,

Do you want to be a BOSS, or a LEADER? Do you know the difference between the two? Your ego does, but are you driven by your ego, or do you truly want to lead effectively? You'd better figure it out, and fast!

The days when BOSSES ruled the corporate landscape are rapidly coming to a close. As you probably guessed by now, Steele Steadiman is one of the last of the true Bosses, and if you heed his message, you'll find yourself facing some serious challenges.

Here's a few gems of wisdom straight from Steele Steadiman's lips:

"Creativity is dangerous!"

"Take credit for other people's ideas!

"Your people function best when they live in FEAR of you!"

Words to live by, right? WRONG!
What worked in the past will not work in the future, so learn from Steele Steadiman. But whatever you do, don't copy his management style. He's very funny and has some valuable lessons to teach you!

Now there is a book written to help you understand what effective leadership really is, and how to go from being a BOSS, to a Genuine Leader. Are you ready to come along for the hilarious ride and learn how to lead in the process?

In 'Squish Creativity Like a Bug - or Lead Your Team from Ordinary to Extraordinary ', you'll see the world through the eyes of Steele Steadiman, a TRUE BOSS. Steadiman is the alter ego of leadership expert, trainer, author, and business expert, Rick Highsmith.

Delightful Read Filled with Great Insights

“Rick Highsmith’s book may be called ‘Squish Creativity Like A Bug’, but the inventiveness and sense of humor that permeate the book show that Highsmith’s creativity is absolutely 'unsquishable'!

A delightful read filled with great insights - particularly for those able to really see what’s in the mirror.”

- Steven Cohen, Author, “Negotiating Skills for Managers”

'Squish Creativity Like a Bug' is your roadmap to finding your success as a 21st century leader - to take your team to the highest levels of performance. Sometimes the best way to learn the right way is to first learn how NOT to do something, and the character of Steele Steadiman will help you do exactly that.

Rick has been leading large corporate and small business teams to the highest levels of performance for over 20 years. You'll learn an incredible amount from this easy to read book.

If you are one of the following people you'll want to order now!

Owners of companies, entrepreneurs, managers, employees, coaches, consultants, and leadership experts
Team member who wants to work better with their teammates
Team leaders responsible for moving any group of employees, volunteers, or managers towards specific goals
Anyone in the ranks of management, and who wants to climb higher
Anyone who needs to build team cohesiveness and foster an environment where creativity is valued and appreciated
If you're not in management, it makes a GREAT gift for your Boss

Brilliant and Funny...

"Just at the time when business needs a shot in the arm, Rick delivers a brilliant and funny testament to the power of creativity that is well worth reading!"

- Dr. John Curtis, Author, “The Business of Love”

What's in 'Squish Creativity Like a Bug'?

'Squish Creativity Like a Bug' is two books in one: First you'll explore the out-dated "truths" of Steele Steadiman, a ficticious character of Rick Highsmith.

Steele will teach you how he "squishes creativity" in part one, with the following chapters:

Creativity is Dangerous
Fear is the Glue that Keeps Things Running
Never Acknowledge the Importance of People Who Work for You
Give your Opinion First, Forcefully, and Often
Keep People Busy

In Part 2 Rick explores management concepts that will inspire you to lead your team to greatness.

You'll learn to foster a team spirit where your team members will feel genuine motivation to give you their all. Chapters include:

Creativity is Vital
Fear Destroys Employee Confidence
Acknowledge the Importance of People
Ask Other People’s Opinions
Be a Macro Manager
Conclusion - Putting It All Together

"Rick is one of the most charismatic speakers I have ever known. He is an excellent trainer and delivers great keynote speeches. Rick developed the character Steele Steadiman with a wry sense of humor and the satire of Steele's ideas on being a BOSS are hilarious. But while you're laughing at Steele's foibles you might find yourself wondering... 'Do I do that?' A great read and a super way to learn about the creative process in the workplace. I highly recommend this book."

- Doug Staneart, CEO, The Leaders Institute, Inc.

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Immediate Download of Squish Creativity eBook in
PDF format
  $9.97 value
Published copy of Squish Creativity Like A Bug  
$14.97 value
BONUS: A $50 CREDIT towards a one-on-one phone conference with Mr. Highsmith on Leadership  
$50.00 value

Dedicated To Your Success,

Rick Highsmith

P.S. Don't forget, your small investment in this powerful book is fully tax deductible, and would make a great gift for anyone in your office, especially your boss!

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